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Licenses like the ones provided by the Creative Commons have been developed to help artists legally manage the use of their creative works while allowing open access to them. These licenses have greatly improved and protected the act of sharing information and files by artists, though they're still being assimilated by most of us. I think open source is not only about the freedom of access to information (without overthrowing authors), but also authors being given the freedom to provide quality information to others.

“The Factory of Art,” by Rita Sa. Published by Creative Commons permission from the artist.

Rita Sá, artist Austin, Texas | Lisbon, Portugal
Rita studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, and at the School of Visual Arts in NY. She now integrates the Digital Media PhD Program – CoLab – UT Austin | Portugal
Her animation work explores the integration of traditional media and practices with the incorporeality of digital environments and behaviors. Highlighted projects include her collaboration with Wordsong-Pessoa – awarded by the Portuguese Multimedia Awards in 2006; Instances of Commediation, exhibited at SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Art Gallery, Yokohama, and at the Westside Gallery in New York, and emo & tick, finalist project at the 2010 ZON awards, exhibited at MONSTRA 2011.

Rita's website here and gallery of drawings (DITs) to download and share here.

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