What do you think of Open Source? Dave Dawson

Contributor / Open Source

How appropriate that today is the anniversary of the World Wide Web.

In the initial press release, Tim Berners-Lee states:

This project is experimental and of course comes without any warranty whatsoever. However, it could start a revolution in information access.

That's what open source means to me. Someone with an idea, someone who wants to experiment, to give something a shot, and share it with the world. What they share and what they make may have some impact on the way we live our lives.

Yes, open source can be about technology, but for me, it's about people. It's a certain mindset, unselfish in nature, even if there's a reward at the end. The idea of exposing the inner-workings of your idea to the world is one that says, “I have nothing to hide.”

In a world where trade secrets are kept close to the vest, open source has transformed the web and the surrounding industries to think with an open mind, to share findings and to help others along the way. Someone helped me out when I was first starting, and I'm privileged to do the same for someone else.

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