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The open-source revolution is making knowledge accessible. Design is no exception.

Ronen Kadushin’s Hack chairs distributed under a creative commons license, are an example of work that combines digital fabrication, DIY and the power of distribution of the internet.

Click for a video of the designer assembling some of his chairs for the exhibition opening at the Appel Design Gallery in Berlin in 2010.

But you can also make your own chair using SketchChair, an open source software program that allows you to design. Using a flatpack technique, your design is cut and sent to you for assembly… some say it is easier than IKEA. 

SketchChair is the work of Greg Saul and Tiago Rourke, industrial designers from New Zealand, who launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop the software.

Diatom studio has in fact a few more inventions like a pocket-sized stand-alone CNC platform.

More on the subject in this Treehugger link.

The attempt to democratize design has brought Mozilla to release not another Firefox version but an office kit of parts in the Open Source Furnitures Project.

It started in Japan and was designed by NOSIGNER for their offices. All product drawings are basically uploaded to the website .


While waiting for the Google of open source design, here are 20+ Open Source Furniture Designs.

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