Thursday Design Bits: Beijing Design Week

Architecture / China / Culture / Design

Dashilar Alley integrates galleries and creative projects along the layered traditional environment of Dashilar street. The challenge is to foster a collaborative environment to upgrade local businesses, introduce public facilities, renovate the area and experiment with sustaibale construction.

Kenya Hara's visual identification system displays the complexity of the intricate neighborhood and the location of the different points and activities.

Generally quite disappointing in content, a definite highlight in Dashilar is point 04, the Micro-Hutong by Standardarchitecture. Standardarchitecture is a new generation design firm from Beijing, lead by Zhang Ke, Zhang Hong, and Claudia Taborda.

A Hutong refers to a type of narrow street or alley in Beijing. These 'alleys' are formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences. 

Micro-Hutong celebrates this structure and complexity, creating micro dwellings within the patio of a siheyuan. Simple plywood and recycled materials in a great project!

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