The Car as Architecture: R. Buckminster Fuller


We close the week on “cars as architecture” with books by and about Bucky Fuller.

The literal manifestation of the vehicle as an architecture was probably best expounded upon by R. Buckminster Fuller and this idea of the mobile home. Guess what? He also wrote a bunch of good books with great mass market covers and even better titles.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth 
“Bucky” calls for more generalism than specialization, this treatise is full of quotables. “If the founding fathers had a word processor we'd be celebrating July 3,” for example.

I Seem to Be a Verb
“For the first time, man has the chance to be a complete success in his environment.”

Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity. 
Bucky's lectures on the Golden Era introduce proposals for a World-Wide Electrical Power Grid and describes a “design science revolution” to streamline how we expend resources.

Critical Path, by Kiyoshi Kuromiya and Bucky.
Bucky introduces The GRUNCH: Great Universal Cash Heist, presaging economic piracy of the 21st Century. 

Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Car
This hard-to-find coffee table book looks at Fuller's literal exposition on carchitecture.

Fuller Houses: R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Dwellings and Other Domestic Adventures, by Frederico Neder
With the publication of the Dymaxion House in 1929, Buckminster Fuller became an overnight sensation in the world of American architecture.

But as a true futurist and utopian desiger, much of his writing can be downloaded or read for free. Check it out.