Rem Koolhaas’s First Residential Commission in 15 Years


Robbie Antonio's Solitude of Fortress.


Rem Koolhaas has designed his first residential project in 15 years. It's interesting to see startchitects like Koolhaas get back in the residential architecture game, and this particular home is all the more interesting because of the outsized personality that will live inside it. Real estate and modern art impresario Robbie Antonio is essentially building a house for his self-portraits. Pieces that have all been executed by a roster of artists that would make most public art museum directors cringe with envy. The one passing detail in this Vanity Fair profile I found most interesting (audacious really), however, is that Antonio says he will work with at least 5 more Pritzker winners before he turns 45. What could that mean? Is it a Meier-designed office building filled with Mayne desks and Sejima chairs, that you can only enter wearing Hadid shoes? Or is he making this hypothetical Pritzker Five collaborate to build one construction… in his likeness?