Netflix grand debut with House of Cards


Once upon a time there was cinema, then TV, now web content is making its way to the top of entertainment. 

The company that started with the red envelope now joins HBO as a premium outlet if you want to watch the best shows on tv. 

This year's Emmys are being rocked by NETFLIX thriller “House of Cards”. With a $4 million budget per episode, this incredible production is a contender on 3 categories ( best drama , lead actor Kevin Spacey and lead actress Robin Wright ).

The producer behind House of Cards, Modi Wiczyk, talks to Dorothy Pomerantz at Forbes about the story behind the american version of the series, risk taking and creative freedom at NETFLIX. (here)

From the article: The show was a risky bet for Netflix. The tech company committed a reported $100 million to two seasons of the show. Sure David Fincher and Kevin Spacey were already on board but twisty political thrillers aren’t for everyone.

The money went not only to the talent involved but to the look and feel of the show which is much more cinematic than most things you’ll watch on TV. That’s because MRC, the production company behind House of Cards, insisted that Fincher and his crew be given final cut — something that is virtually unheard of in the world of TV where everything is produced by committee.