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Edinburgh based TigerFace Games has announced a partnership with San Francisco’s Fingerprint Digital to release applications promoting collaborative play in children aged between 3 and 13.

Play to learn is a niche that parents seem to find invaluable.

Check a few of those:

Not Lost in the Universe (image above) , where Bella, Kip, and their alien friend Borko have crash landed on Planet Blarp and need your help repairing their damaged ship by using Blarp’s renewable energy sources so they can return to Earth.

Equator PremiumCosmic Reactor revolve around basic maths. a

Available on iOS, with an Android release before the end of the year.

Previously on this theme: The Biophilia app, a project developed by Björk in collaboration with scientists from The University of Iceland and music and science teachers from Reykjavik City Schools.

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