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The Biophilia app is a galaxy with10 stars and 10 “inner” apps, each for one of the 10 songs of the album.

The apps have been an integral part of the Biophilia Educational Program, a project developed by Björk in collaboration with scientists from The University of Iceland and music and science teachers from Reykjavik City Schools. The objective is to teach kids about music and natural sciences. It is a hands-on program suitable for children aged 8-15 (target group 10-12). The Biophilia Educational Program was launched in collaboration with Manchester International Festival (MIF) 2011. Reykjavik City’s Board of Education currently uses it all of the city’s middle schools.

The  Biophilia Educational Program is particularly well suited for children with ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

All apps share the same structure of visualization of the song in play. For instance Hollow travels through a DNA chain, Virus, shows an actual virus clamping cells.

Despite its failed start through Kickstarter, Apportable took it on and made it possible for a fraction of the cost. All ten apps come as one combined download for $12.99.

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