Friday Reading List: Our Architects


Titles by our architects, as contributors, subjects and authors.

Carl Turner's book Small is the most recent one to be released in this list, and is a folio of his studio's many “high impact low cost” architectural designs. Learn about his solution-oriented beautiful designs with Small, and in our interview with him.

Another folio from a Paperhouses architect, Jun Igarashi's The Construction State examines the great northern state of Hokkaido among the influences on our Japanese designer.

We have two superb designers from Mexico City in Tatiana Bilbao and Derek Dellekamp, who happen to have been the subject of this title in the O'NFD Series, Mexico: Ajijic House, 2009-2011 by Tatiana Bilbao; CB29 Apartments 2005-2007 by Derek Dellekamp. Dellekamp has also contributed to this review of the architect Manuel Parra.


Angelo Bucci from SPBR in Brazil, is not only an important designer in a burgeoning industrial epicenter of the Southern Hemisphere but an influential professor and critic. In his doctoral dissertation, translated and reproduced in its entirety for Sao Paolo, Reasons for Architecture: the Dissolution of Buildings and How to Pass Through Walls, he penned a critical examination of the urban environment through the lens of an American city.

Last but not least, is the Archipockets survey of the work of EMBT: Miralles Tagliabue. Since the tragic passing of Enric Miralles several years ago, Benedetta Tagliabue has ably carried the mantel of this important studio and this title shows their shared legacy.