Friday Reading List: Guest Roger Christ

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We like to ask our interview subjects for a list of books they recommend. Do you have a shortlist of books you love or would recommend to our readers?

The Bible, of course. (Laughter) You know, for praying we keep inside the budget.

But in truth, we have a big collection of books in the office which we use for inspiration or technical details very often, but there is no “bible” to me or a special book that I have to mention.

Maybe I tell you the five books that I used or read last:

Kollaps oder Evolution? by Rebecca Costa, who also wrote The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction.

About Costa (amazon): REBECCA COSTA IS AN AMERICAN SOCIOBIOLOGIST who offers a genetic explanation for current events, emerging trends and individual behavior. A thought-leader and provocative new voice in the mold of Thomas Friedman, Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond, Costa traces everything from terrorism, debt, epidemic obesity, and upheaval in the Middle East to evolutionary imperatives.

Constant’s New Babylon: The hyper-architecture of desire, by Mark Wigley

From the book: The New Babylon Project was a project that consisted of a vast, layered, sheltered structure, supported by pillars and covering the entire earth. Human labor is rendered superfluous. Dwelling, work, recreation and transportation take a back seat to that which drives Homo Ludens, creativity. Constant was proposing an alternate society and along with it, an alternate architecture. Not just for those with architectural concerns, but for anyone who thinks.

Spielen oder töten. Der Aufstand des Homo ludens by Constant. (Play or Killing. The Rebellion of the Homo Ludens, in English)

Ken Adam Designs the Movies | James Bond and Beyond. Ken Adam and Christopher Frayling.

Ken Adam is the most distinguished living production designer in the world. His work spans seven decades and more than seventy-five movies, from his revolutionary designs for the first seven James Bond movies to work on Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon and Alan Bennett's The Madness of King George, for both of which he won an Oscar.

Lastly: Toter dritter Klasse. Gewalt gegen Obdachlose. Eine unvollständige Chronik 1994 – 2001 by Christian Linde (Dead Persons of the Third-class. Violence Against the Homeless: An Incomplete Report 1994-2001)

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