Dwell Profile of Benedetta Tagliabue’s Barcelona Home

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Beautiful Dwell profile of the Barcelona home of Paperhouses contributing architect Benedetta Tagliabue.

The first thing that strikes you is the light. The rooms are situated in a circular layout around a central patio de luz that illuminates the living areas. The effect is heightened by the flooring made of diagonally placed rectangular patches of delightfully patterned baldosa hidráulica (tiles made with tinted cements, widely used in 19th-century homes here and in France) that reflect the sun’s rays, creating “rooms of light” as Tagliabue describes them. The second is the layering. The architects peeled away at the walls of the dwelling like an onion, revealing a Gothic capital featuring an angel and a frieze of vivid 18th-century decorative murals, along with the original sketches for them etched out on the wall of the adjacent room. “I called heritage assessors from city hall when we found them,” explains Tagliabue, “and they told us not to worry, as fragments such these are so common in this part of town.”

Stay tuned for our own upcoming interview with Benedetta coming soon.