BBC – Download, print, build your Martian home in 24 hours


Download, print, build your Martian home in 24 hours

By Fiona Graham Technology of business reporter

[…] Grand designs

If speed is not the issue and a more sophisticated design ethic a priority then Paperhouses could be for you.
The open source platform is currently registering users, before launching a series of downloadable design sets by top architects. The plans can be customised to taste and are also free.

The difference here is that unless you're a professional, you're unlikely to be able to build these yourself.

The start-up plans to link users with local building contractors.

“The site will be a forum where initially you can share ideas and in the future you will be able to manipulate models,” says Paperhouses's Joana Pacheco.
“More than customised, which speaks to a modular language, these projects are open to iteration. The ideas are available in a non-proprietary way and sharing is the ultimate goal of the project. […]

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