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Living in a shoe box?  

Small spaces in big cities can be challenging but there is comfort and style to be found in good design ideas.


1. Flexible

Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig has designed this expanding shelving for flexible storage.  

Check out more about this minimalist scissor frame in Dezeen.

2. Multi-functional

Orla Reynolds, a gratuate from Dublin Institute of Technology, has created this modular system where you can organize a dinner party out of a bookshelf!

‘As if From Nowhere…’ it's called. Surprise your friends!

3. Multi-faceted

Japanese studio Nendo proposes a zig-zag wooden bookshelf. The shelves have multiple orientations and can be accessed from all corners and the craft, of course, is amazing!

“Thanks to the superior craftsmanship of Conde House, a wood furniture manufacturer in Asahikawa in northern Japan, the joints appear seamless, as though single boards have been bent and interwoven like paper chains or a woven textile,” says Nendo. “It's virtually impossible to know, looking at the shelves, how the parts are connected.”

Follow full article here.

4. Transforming

Produced by German designer Martin Sammer, this compact piece of furniture is composed of eight different modules interlocking in a rectangular object. Expanded through the drawers, it offers 20 different possibilities and arrangements and extends up to 3.7m (12ft).

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