Hiring a world-class architect is something not many people can afford. Like high fashion or expensive art, the closest most of us will get to experiencing a designer-drawn home is by looking through the picture book sitting on your coffee table.

Architecture has long had an accessibility problem: You want a bespoke house? You’re gonna have to pony up a lot of money. In the process, good design has become a luxury; a snooty, out-of-reach idea that only the rich have access to, which is actually the exact opposite of what good design should be. But what if architecture behaved more like technology? Can you expand the reach of quality design by applying the same principles behind open source code to architecture?

Experimental Website Lets You Download Amazing House Blueprints for Free

WIRED, Liz Stinson 12.05.13


YES, you can expand the reach of quality design by applying the same principles behind open source to Architecture! Paperhouses is the first open source platform that brings world-class architecture for free to the general public.

More than 100,000 unique users have told us they want better housing and new ways to design. We are delivering.

Paperhouses was created so that users around the world could experience design on their own terms.
With an exclusive portfolio of award-winning architect projects, everyone can find design inspiration, download, explore, and build upon ideas in an open-source environment. Paperhouses is your home!

Our community includes Panorama, Rintala Eggertsson architects, Scale Architecture, Sporaarchitects, Tatiana Bilbao S.C., and Xten Architecture among others. Each has designed an incredible project which is out here for you to explore. There is an infinite realm of possibilities for unique quality designs. They have just set the first stone, now it is your turn!

Join us, share your creativity, let others into your process. Be open, be brave, inspire us and be inspired!