Paperhouses is a forum to explore ideas related to contemporary architectural design.

What about if I want to build one of these houses?

There is no such thing as an abstract ground. An architectural project is always site specific. Building in Tokyo is different than building in Virginia. It’s not only about the influence of climate, seismic activity or baseline ground data in a project and its engineering, but different rules and regulations apply to different countries, and areas in particular.

All the ideas that Paperhouses publishes cannot be used as a ready made product.

The best course of action to build your project is for you to retain a local architect, construction company or registered professional. That professional will contact the ‘original architect’ to obtain permission to build.

Can I get the original architect involved?

Yes, you can! You can hire every architect as a consultant to your project, any project. Get in touch through their page.

A brand new collaboration starts then. Happy building!