A promising revolution

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by Chisato Goya

[…] It is above all a philosophy of sharing and pooling of knowledge. ” Instead of sending a cake, the recipe is sent . People may well share it, edit it, develop , improve , according to their needs , “says Justyna Swat , head of the ” chapter ” for France of the WikiHouse foundation, which has 17 ” chapters ” in the local world. And the Wikipedia of being developed by the foundation objects is proof . Platform open source solutions for intelligent living , this project will allow the WikiHouse community to share knowledge , ask questions , offer ideas , expertise … In other words, to stimulate thinking and innovations worldwide , by including specialists but also non-specialists of all kinds ( designers , inventors, tinkerers , entrepreneurs, just curious … ) .

And it is this one of open source ‘s strengths. Joana Pacheco , founder of Paperhouses.co -a website offering ultra design house plans free access- , is convinced : ” We do not need to be rich in a particular location to participate . The creation and decision-making are not in the hands of one single person. In this sense, it is something very democratic. “